Indigenous Law & Prisoners’ Rights

November 14, 2016 – The case of Adam Capay in Ontario has risen to media prominence this fall as a troubling example of the use of solitary confinement in the criminal justing system, a practice that a United Nations Special Rapporteur has equated with torture.

Valerie Napoleon is the Law Foundation Professor of Aboriginal Justice and Governance at the University of Victoria. She talks to us about her work writing about indigenous legal practices, and how she and other scholars are working to make space for indigenous laws in the Canadian legal system. Jennifer Metcalfe is Executive Director of Prisoners’ Legal Services (PLS) in BC, part of the West Coast Prison Justice Society. She joins us for the second half of the show to discuss solitary confinement in BC’s prisons, the support provided by organizations like PLS, and the ways in which prisoners’ rights are (un)noticed our public dialogue.